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Elite Synthetic Surfaces offers a range of high-performance artificial grass and services to enhance the look and feel of your indoor and outdoor spaces.  Call Elite today — and experience the best of design, aesthetics, and convenience.

Putting Greens

Putting Greens

Elite’s custom synthetic putting greens are the next best thing to putting on a natural golf green. Our synthetic turf is naturally receptive and provides consistent ball roll, providing you with the perfect practice surface. Available exclusively through Elite Synthetic Surfaces, our cross-stitch nylon NP50 and NP55 are considered the preeminent putting surfaces on the market today, specifically chosen for the David Ledbetter Golf Academies located nationwide.
Pet Turf

Pet Turf

Homeowners are increasingly designing green spaces for their pets using synthetic pet turf, transforming drab, sterile dog runs into soft, lush, green space for pets doesn’t have to look and feel like a cage.  Elite’s pet turf is ideal for kennels, dog boarding, veterinary clinics, dog parks, and backyards. Our artificial grass is softer and safer than gravel or cement, which has been shown to cause injuries to pets’ paws and joints.
Lawns and landscaping

Lawns & Landscaping

Elite Synthetic Surfaces can create the flawless landscape you’ve always imagined, without the required maintenance or prohibitive expense. Our soft, plush artificial turf will be an always-green, weed-free ground cover that won’t require the fertilizers, pesticides, water, or landscapers that are all critical in preserving a “natural” lawn. Whether you have a large property or courtyard, the year-round sight of green grass improves the look and feel of your home.
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Rooftops and buildings

Rooftops & Buildings

Elite Synthetic Surfaces can transform your building rooftop, patio, courtyard, or balcony into an urban oasis. With our soft but durable synthetic grass, we can create your own play area, patio, terrace, or putting green right on your rooftop or high above the city streets.

Tee Lines & Hitting Mats

Elite Synthetic Surfaces has revolutionized the way golfers practice full shots.  Considered the benchmark for hitting surfaces, our EZ Tee® products offer golfers the most authentic practice surface in golf.  EZ Tee® is unlike any other synthetic hitting surface. Unlike competitor products, ours don’t require sand infill, and will take any length wooden tee instantly, enhancing your tee line.


Clients turn to Elite to give their homes an immaculate landscape, without any of the required maintenance or expense. Our synthetic turf is lead-free and bacteria-resistant. Elite’s synthetic turf can effectively cover and camouflage imperfect areas on your property. We can create customized, well-drained areas on balconies or rooftops, convert your entire backyard, or simply create a small hidden oasis with a previously unused parcel of space. We can also add create smooth, even running surfaces.


With constant innovation in motion, Elite Synthetic Surfaces assists various athletic industries achieve maximum performance.No matter if you’re in a large arena or stadium or have a personal sports and training facility designed for individuals, […]
Putting Greens and Golf

Putting Greens & Golf

Create a luxurious golf course setting in or around your home with a custom-installed putting green by Elite Synthetic Surfaces. Our cross-stitched nylon NP50 and NP55 are considered […]


Companies turn to us to create a warmer, more welcoming environment that is cost-effective and eco-friendly. Walkways, entryways, indoor spaces, and other heavily trafficked areas in and around commercial buildings can now have a neat, lush, manicured synthetic landscape that doesn’t require costly maintenance or labor. Because Elite’s exclusive synthetic turf can successfully cover an array of surfaces, clients can utilize, accentuate, and maximize spaces that were not available previously.


Create a cleaner, softer, safer and more secure area for children, using ESS products in municipal and home-play areas.
When you install Elite’s synthetic turf […]
Baseball and batting Cages

Baseball & Batting Cages

We can create a batting cage at home, or major baseball training facility at your favorite baseball camp, school or college campus. Elite Synthetic Surfaces can also install […]
Specialty sports

Specialty Sports

The sport you love can bring pleasure for a lifetime; and it can even lengthen your lifetime. Sports such as soccer, lacrosse, tennis, volleyball, and bocce ball are all possible now in your own backyard, […]
Sports field

Sports Fields

From little league to major training facilities, school districts, municipal parks, day camps, stadiums and college campuses, Elite Synthetic Surfaces has become the top provider […]


Our fancy work does not always need to be green or emulating grass. Adults, teens and children are all now training at home — in the privacy of their own backyards. Whether it’s lacrosse, baseball, soccer, […]


Keep on-par. Designed by golf professionals, and engineered for your indoor-practice green surface, all Elite indoor-practice golf greens provide you with an unparalleled authentic experience in […]

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