Commercial Properties

Just as the residential side of the synthetic turf industry’s applications have increased dramatically, commercial installs are on the rise now as well. Having perfect lawn areas in both the front and back of your office or restaurant not only looks great, but adds a lot to the value of your property.

It’s not easy maintaining grass areas and islands in high traffic areas, but having synthetic turf cuts back on that and is cost effective. No more watering, mowing or chemicals. There is also the liability of vehicles getting damaged when your grass areas are being maintained.

Outdoor shopping malls that hold events on there larger lawn areas are switching there natural grass over to synthetic turf.  No more mud and no more cancelatinos due to exess water.

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In cold weather areas, ice skating rinks are being installed right on top of the turf for the winter months, with no effect or damage to your application.

So let Elite Synthetic Surfaces make your commercial property an aesthetically  pleasing by installing synthetic turf and removing all the hassles that come with maintaining natural grass

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