Frequently Asked Questions

Our synthetic turf products are manufactured by Synthetic Turf International (STI). They are a member of STC (Synthetic Turf Council) and are Certified System Builders, as well as a LEED member. All of our synthetic turf is manufactured in the USA and complies with California’s safety requirements.
We have been installing synthetic turf applications for 10 years and have not seen any of our products fall short of their warranty. They have been outstanding products and continue to improve.
Yes, during the hot climate conditions, which is normally only 2 to 3 months of the year, synthetic turf will get hot, such as most things like sand, asphalt, etc. If you are worried about the turf getting hot, you can simply hose down the application and the turf will cool down almost immediately.
We offer an aftercare program, which can include a periodic cleaning. Most turf will clean off when using a water hose. Should you want to use some type of cleaning application or solvents, we suggest you consult with us prior. Never-the-less, most cleaning applications will be fine on turf. Should you have any calcium build-up on the turf, CLR (Calcium and Lime Remover) or Windex will help. Always try to consult our team to get the most out of your installation.