If you are deciding on the perfect material to cover the ground of your small space, synthetic turf is a viable option that shouldn’t be overlooked.  High in design, low in allergens and maintenance, our turf might be just the right choice for your tiny terrain!

Turf allows you to bring a touch of Mother Nature to areas not suitable for grass to grow. Turf adds a touch of the great outdoors, even to indoor spaces.  Plush and soft, turf feels good under bare feet.  The pliability of the material allows for intricate designs to be customized and shaped. Turf can be inter-mixed with other elements for attractive and eye-catching patterns and designs. From turf pathways, to harlequin stone and turf patterns, surprising touches can be added to small living areas to add a creative, comfortable flair.

Concerned parents can be free from the worries of allergens.  Kids with allergies can roll in the grass and play.  It’s hypoallergenic and no insecticides are needed.  Your family is free from harmful chemicals, and little feet can play carefree of dirt and without tracking in harmful allergens from the outdoors.

Turf helps to keep your small spaces looking neat and clean.  Say goodbye to the heavy toil that natural grass creates.  No mowing or edging, small areas maintain a perfectly manicured look and withstand the test of time.  Your landscaping costs are reduced, as the need for watering and a landscaper are eliminated.  Turf is a also a clean alternative to grass. The consistency of each synthetic blade gives your small (or large) space a filled in, consistent look.  There are no dead grass or brown patches to deal with.  And turf’s porous material means never having to deal with flooding.  Perfect padding and backing allow for superior drainage.

With synthetic turf, seasons no longer have an effect on the look of your lawn or small space.  Turf stays pristine year-round.  Create that Florida Room you always wanted – with turf you can truly bring the outdoors inside!  Turn a small spare room or hallway into a putting green to entertain the family for hours.  There’s so much you can do with a small space and some planning with the experts at ESS.  Adding a touch of luxury, environmentalism, and bringing the outdoors and Mother Nature into any environment, turf is a winner every time!

Manufactured with safe and durable synthetic material, and composed of high-performance materials, ESS turf products exceed National Safety Standards, are ASTM-certified, ADA/ABA-compliant and consistent with US Consumer Product and Safety Commission requirements.