Artificial Grass For Indoor Applications

Elite Synthetic Surfaces can create indoor turf applications that can fit everyone’s needs or budget.  Indoor training facilities are a high priority for athletes of today, along with health conscious people.

Having an indoor turf facility that you can train or work out int with the same feel as you would outdoors on natural turf is a benefit to all.

With very little to no maintenance, turf inside is a cost effective business solution as you can operate 365 days a year if needed.  All games (lines) can be installed to simulate all sports and training.  

Machinery/weights can sit right on top of your application without any damage to the turf itself.  Very easy to clean as your can spray any product to remove any contamination without effecting your turf.

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Indoor Putting Greens

Putting greens are not just for the outdoors.  Now more than ever putting greens are being installed inside.  Not just in a public facility but many greens are installed in the comfort of your own home.

Whether it’s in your basement or your favorite room in the house, greens inside can have the same feel and characteristics of your outdoor applications.

Elite’s premier NP55 nylon putting surface can be installed directly on top of your concrete floor, or can be built up to create the contours you would have outside.  Golf simulators are very popular in golf oriented facilities and homes, so having a synthetic putting green to go along with these just completes your golf experience.

Popular and high tech facilities such as Golf And Body NYC & The John Ondrush Golf And Fitness Academy put all the confidence and relied on Elite’s expertise to create the ultimate golf and training facilities.

So call Elite today and have them make golf a 12 month season for all your practice and training needs.

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