Leveling the Playing Field

In NFL sports this month, we heard about Reggie Bush sustaining a knee injury after running off the football turf and onto the concrete.  Surface material is a huge factor to consider, and safeguarding your players is an essential when designing a football or multipurpose sports field.  Whether you are creating an indoor or outdoor field, the merits of a synthetic turf field can’t be overstated in terms of safety, durability, and maintenance.

To begin with, turf fields are safer than natural grassy areas for several reasons.  They are less slippery, have a level surface, and have more padding.  The synthetic fibers that constitute the turf have better traction and are less slippery than grass.  The even surface is an outcome of an installation process which involves a conscientious leveling off of the dirt or ground beneath.  The result is a smooth and even plane– without bumps and ditches– every time.  Consistency is key in both how the field looks and feels, as well as maintaining consistency in the installation process itself.  Turf padding is customized to various thicknesses, depending upon client needs, and as we well know, a sports field requires the maximum cushioning for protection from the impact of falls and tackles.  Not in the NFL yet?  Your children are safe with synthetic turf which is soft and padded to catch their falls on the field.

Turf is also more durable than grass, especially for heavy traffic areas.  From lightweight children to 200+ pound linebackers, turf is the natural choice, remaining pristine and beautiful throughout years of use.  Turf doesn’t get ripped up like natural grass.  Created from only the highest quality fibers, ESS turf holds up to the test of time and is made right here in the USA.  As an added plus, turf makes laundry routines easier with the elimination of grass stains.

How much maintenance is required to keep a turf field looking great?  No more back-breaking watering, mowing, re-seeding and monotonous toil.  Turf is easy to maintain and requires only a light spray of water to keep cool.  Never miss a game after a rainfall, as turf is created with an advanced drainage solution so rain water draws off quickly.

ESS turf sport fields are created and tested with both novice and professional players in mind.  Experts in installation, ESS crafts an even and flat surface consistently, for optimum aesthetics and safety.  Created to the highest standards, ESS turf products exceed National Safety Standards, are ASTM-certified, ADA/ABA-compliant and consistent with US Consumer Product and Safety Commission requirements.

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