The power of choice is magnificent. Every business has a choice. So does every consumer. At Elite Synthetic Surfaces, we choose to focus on only working with high quality, premium products. This means that we only use a product that is ‘made in the USA’ and this means that our customers get the comfort of knowing they will have the best possible product installed, and available for them to enjoy for years to come.

Did you know that synthetic products not made in the USA may have no UV protection? If you’re in the market for a new synthetic surface, whether it’s for work, play or safety purposes, it’s okay to inquire about the product you’re going to have to live with for the next decade. A leading surface provider should want to discuss the best fit for your needs, and how those needs are going to evolve over time. There are rarely any ‘one size fits all’ jobs.

That’s why we are committed to making this the best possible experience for you. We are not just selling you turf. Prior to installation, our site work includes leveling the uneven spots before we begin laying our synthetic turf. Before you even see the turf, we’re talking to you about the lay of the land, the difficult spots on your lawn, and then we get to work on any undesirable patches of rough and rocky terrain. We want to get to the heart of the problem.

We frontload the work earlier on, and have found that this minimizes any challenges that may typically plague installation and the life of your new lawn! It’s not easy to pull up roots and take on drainage issues, and no one wants to remove moldy surfaces living under your current turf. Elite Synthetic Surfaces is here to assure you that we care about: your safety, the cleanliness of the work and the longevity of your installation.

Please use the power of choice wisely when you’re considering the many options for a synthetic surface. Don’t do yourself a disservice when a product isn’t living up to its expectations a couple of years from now! Ensure that the product being used comes with a guarantee, and ask how far they will go to make sure that your new turf is not stacked on top of a lot of other headaches!

Or make it easy, and choose Elite Synthetic Surfaces!