Pet Turf: Artificial Grass For Pets

Your pet is an important part of your family.  Elite believes that’s why they deserve a safe, durable pet turf surface for their recreation and comfort.  Effective for both large and small breed dogs as well as all the other domesticated pets, Elite’s pet turf is perfect for both indoor/outdoor – large/small coverage areas.  It eliminates other surfaces such as cement, gravel and mulch from causing cuts and abrasions to sensitive paws.

Commercial businesses (doggy day care) have benefited from Elite’s pet turf.  Having a large number of animals on the grass area for long periods of time takes it’s toll on natural grass.  Installing synthetic pet turf in its place keeps all the dogs safe and clean and each business is able to accommodate more business.

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One of the biggest complaints we hear regarding animals and natural grass is that the homeowner has to wipe their dog or cats paws/feet before they come back into the house.  Having pet turf will eliminate that.  Best of all, our resilient, non-allergenic activity area simply looks great.

So eliminate all the headaches from what natural grass/mud issues caused by your pet and install Elite’s pet turf.

Advantages of Elite’s pet turf:

  • Long lasting & durable
  • High flow drainage rates
  • Lush fresh cut appearance
  • Safe for all pets
  • Easily cleaned
  • Loved by pets & owners alike

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