Artificial Grass Playground Applications

If you have kids, then you know how important their health is. With so many chemicals as an integral part of our lives, avoiding them becomes even more important. If you are looking to install new turf for a playground then Elite Synthetic Surfaces is here to help.

We install synthetic turf that replaces natural grass. Our Synthetic turf gives the feel of natural grass without all of the maintenance and watering. Since our synthetic turf needs no watering or maintenance, then there is no need for harsh chemicals to help maintain it. Synthetic turf also allows for that lush, green look year round, making it ideal for cold weather environments.

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School or park directors that are looking to cut costs in these tough economical times, then let Elite Synthetic Surfaces be your friend. We will show you how installing are synthetic turf can not only save you time and money, but also maintain the look of real grass all year round with little maintenance. If you want to replace the area around a playground, for example, with that annoying sand or dangerous concrete, then synthetic turf is the way to go. Our turf is soft to the touch and many abrasions or scrapes can be avoided by children falling while playing.

Elite Synthetic Surfaces offers unsurpassed quality and safety in our synthetic turf playground systems. Our playground systems have been tested by TSI (Testing Services, Inc.) and STC (Synthetic Turf Council) and surpasses all tests for Fall Zone, GMax, HIC Rating ADA Wheelchair Testing and ASTM (Standard Specification for Impact Attention of Surface – Systems under and around playground equipment.).

This rigorous testing process along with the elimination of pesticides, fertilizers, and all unnatural applications, creates among the safest synthetic turf system available today.