Beautifully Landscaped Swimming Pools & Common Areas

When choosing material to surround a pool, an educated consumer will take into consideration several factors, including aesthetics, safety, maintenance, and durability.  Turf is an ideal solution for a pool area, as it provides functionality and aesthetics: not only does it look pleasing to the eye, it also drains splashed water effectively and protects from slippage.  A necessity for high traffic areas, turf provides that welcoming, clean and neat feel for outdoor pool and common areas.  Always attractive, turf remains pristine during all weather and all seasons.

Easy to install, turf can be set over tile, dirt, or other material. Soft under the bare foot and kept cool with a light spray, turf is a perfect alternative to tile which can get slippery when wet.  Safe and resilient, it is ideal for both large and small areas, around swimming pools and pool deck areas, courtyards, small porch spaces, common areas, as well as in the front and back of your home or building. Your ESS turf will hold up for years with little maintenance, embedded as an even landscape with proper drainage to avoid water retention, puddles and unevenness which can be unsafe.  

There’s nothing like creating an aesthetically pleasing common area, and an area surrounded with turf provides just that.  This synthetic substitute stays vibrantly green all year long.  Virtually maintenance-free, synthetic turf provides freedom from the frustration of weeds that grow in natural grass and independence from hours spent watering your lawn.  Say goodbye to the pesky insects that burrow in natural grass, and the birds that land on your lawn to prey on them.  No need to use harsh chemicals and fertilizers, ESS turf is also hypoallergenic, made of USA products.  Created to the highest standards, ESS turf products exceed National Safety Standards, are ASTM-certified, ADA/ABA-compliant and consistent with US Consumer Product and Safety Commission requirements.

Customer satisfaction is our number one concern.  Our turf is child and pet friendly, available in several thicknesses for extra cushion.  Gone are the hours spent mowing and maintaining; say hello to family time, comfort, relaxation and lifestyle!