To be or not to be… beautiful!  Are blood, sweat & tears what it takes to have a beautiful residential lawn…absolutely not, read on. 

 An Elite Synthetic Surfaces turf lawn is both stunning and environmentally friendly.  Every day our families are exposed to over 70,000 toxins and pollutants.  To counter this and do our part, ESS took a pledge to uphold only the highest standards, meeting and surpassing the basic US standards of safety.  Our products are lead-free and engineered to the highest specifications. 

 With the neat look of manicured grass and super-soft feel, even your neighbors won’t be able to tell the difference between grass and synthetic turf… all they’ll know is they will never see you spending countless hours mowing your lawn, purchasing and using harmful pesticides, and watering your lawn yourself, especially in dryer seasons or under a scorching sun.

 Creating luxury and functionality in underutilized spaces, ESS products are readily installed, with a pre-installation process to first even out the ground beneath for a well-manicured, pristine & smooth landscape.  Our SoftLawn® Plush Pro is installed with a thatch layer for added body, reducing the amount of infill needed. To resemble a true lawn, our four color blend of this product provides the authentic look and feel of the shadings of mother nature.  Plush Pro can be used for landscapes, putting green fringes, playgrounds and pet areas.  Ideal for low to high traffic areas, your lawn will always look its best.

 Not your grandma’s landscape!  Originally designed for the purpose of reducing grass maintenance costs, turf landscaping and design options have come a long way since the inception of artificial grass in 1965.  Today’s beautiful designs include intricate patterns, customized spaces, and technologically engineered lead-free, pesticide-free fibers low in allergens.  Always fresh and flawless, synthetic turf is a cleaner & safer solution for both beautiful residential exteriors and interiors, conserving energy & time, and virtually maintenance free.  Don’t just take our word for it… hear what our customers are saying here:

 Manufactured in the USA with safe and durable synthetic materials, and composed of high-performance materials, ESS turf products exceed National Safety Standards, are ASTM-certified, ADA/ABA-compliant and consistent with US Consumer Product and Safety Commission requirements.  Our products are manufactured by SyntheticTurf International (STI), a member of STC (SyntheticTurf Council),  LEED, and Certified System Builders.