Rooftop Synthetic Turf: Artificial Grass For Buildings

Elite Synthetic Surfaces can transform any rooftop or courtyard into an functioning living space.  It’s not everyday that people think of having turf installed on the roof.  With the advances in synthetic turf you can transform any rooftop into a beautiful outdoor area that your family and friends can enjoy.

There are endless possibilities – areas for your pets to hang out, common areas and even a putting green for the avid golfer.

The days of natural grass on the roof/penthouse and courtyards are becoming a thing of the past.  It’s not cost effective to maintain grass as it’s difficult to keep water and mow grass in these areas.  That’s why synthetic turf has become a viable option.  Aesthetically it will always look like a fresh cut lawn. 

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Elite’s turf is soft, lightweight and does not retain water.  All of our turf is UV protected and will stand up to heavy traffic.  Potted plants and furniture will not effect or damage any applications.

Adding synthetic turf to your rooftop can increase the value of your property as having a green roof is a large part of people’s lives.  Many people are searching for places to have a perfect place for them to relax and entertain.  Our turf will look and feel good all year round.

So when it’s time to install synthetic turf on your roof or courtyard call Elite and let us transform wasted space into functionality.

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