Rooftop Synthetic Turf: Artificial Grass For Buildings

It is not everyday that someone would think to put grass on a roof and may seem like an unconventional idea. With synthetic grass, you can transform any rooftop into a beautiful outdoor area for you and your guests to enjoy. If you are wanting a great outdoor room, not only can you add artificial grass but, you can also add other landscape design elements.

At Elite Synthetic Surfaces, our turf solutions can transform any roof, deck, or patio into a beautiful outdoor living area and becoming another functioning living space for you and your family to enjoy. We provide people with endless possibilities for using grass in areas that you may have never thought to. Even for the creative people, we are able to make their ideas come true.

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The installation of artificial grass on your roof, patio, or deck is simple and a great long lasting alternative to traditional roofing shingles or concrete decking systems. Our synthetic turf solutions are a beautiful alternative to enhance the environment that it is installed in. Our artificial grass is a perfect option to install on entertainment areas, rooftop gardens, terraces, and even balconies.

Elite’s artificial turfs are a cost effective alternative to traditional decking and is just as soft as natural grass. The best part about artificial grass is that it does not require all of the maintenance that a natural lawn would need. You will never have to worry about mowing, watering, or using any harsh chemicals like weed killers.

Our artificial grass is soft, lightweight, and does not retain water. Not only that but, it withstands the sun, extreme weather, and stands up to heavy foot traffic. You can even place furniture and potted plants on it without worrying that the weight will destroy it.

Adding a synthetic turf to your rooftop can also increase the value of the property. Many people are searching for places that have a perfect place for them to relax and entertain. Our artificial grass will look perfect and and feel great all year-round, no matter the weather conditions.

Artificial grass is easy to install just about everywhere. Whether it be a hard rooftop surface made of asphalt or concrete, Elite Synthetic Surfaces can get the job done. If you have pets, no problem. Our artificial turf will absorb or evaporate any pet urine. Clean up methods for solid pet wastes are no different from cleaning it up on natural grass. If you ever want to clean your synthetic grass, all you have to do is spray water onto the soiled areas.

If you are planning on transforming your rooftop or deck into a more beautiful entertaining area, look to Elite Synthetic Surfaces to install your artificial grass and get the job done right. We will have whatever area you choosing looking better than it started. Don’t wait any longer; contact our team today for your free instant quote!

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