Articficial Grass for Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball and Lacrosse

E.S.S can create the exact field you want and customize it to fit the space you have.  For homeowners football, soccer and lacrosse are the most popular.

Training in the comfort of your own backyard or just enjoying your synthetic turf application is a benefit all athletes and families can enjoy.

If you want turf for an indoor application, Elite can accommodate any type of sport/training.  Now you can walk downstairs to your basement or favorite room in the house and enjoy the benefits of synthetic turf.

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All of your turf applications can be customized with all the markings/numbers to enhance your field.  Bocce courts are now constructed with synthetic turf as its playing surface.  A lot less maintenance an aesthetically much more appealing.

A shorter pile height turf filled with sand gives your Bocce Ball a consistent bounce and roll.  These specialty sport applications require very little maintenance and with today’s technology your turf installations will benefit you for years to come.

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